[Jiangcheng News] High-tech zone: Improve the ability to serve the development of enterprises

来源:   时间: 2023-08-29 15:40

    Since this year, the high-tech zone has in-depth carried out the work of "nine solutions and one coordination" to serve enterprises, and taken multiple measures to solve problems for enterprises。

    Since serving as an "enterprise intimate", Sun Weiwei has repeatedly visited Jilin Hengyang Economic and Trade Co., LTD., understood the needs of the enterprise and actively communicated and coordinated, successively helped the enterprise to solve the problem of debt settlement with four units, and also researched and formulated different solutions for the actual situation of each unit that owed money。

    In view of the problems existing in the reporting and handling of enterprise demands, the high-tech zone encourages "enterprise confidants" to continue to increase the collection of enterprise demands, improve the ability of "confidant" through field research and other ways, accurately research and judge demands, and promote the solution of problems。Up to now, 178 "enterprise confidants" in the high-tech zone have collected 221 appeals of various kinds, and 176 have been solved。


    Source: Jilin City Radio and Television Station "Jiangcheng News" Reporter: Ding Rongrong Bo Haiyang